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Home » Dionne Van Zyl Discusses Effective Channels for Business Communication

Dionne Van Zyl Discusses Effective Channels for Business Communication

Dionne Van Zyl Discusses Effective Channels for Business Communication

Business communication has some standards and disciplines that differentiate it from regular communication. There is a high risk of mistakes and subsequent consequences, which is why it is essential to maintain a proper channel and medium for effective communication in a professional setting.

In this post, Dionne Van Zyl gives a rundown regarding the most efficient business communication channels that gives the best results when applied to business talks with clients and employees.

Dionne Van Zyl Explains What Business Communication Channels Are

Dionne Van Zyl believes that what you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. Business communication channels make the conversations more formal and organized, and the channel’s richness determines the amount and effectiveness of the information transmitted.

Face to Face Communication or Video Conferences

Most video call softwares now make it easy to gather everyone within minutes for a face-to-face talk. You don’t have to be in the same room as your fellow employees or clients in order to have a video conference with them.

Verbal communication is the most effective business communication channel, as it includes in-person conferences, group presentations, video meetings and training sessions. These type of conferences have lesser chances of distraction and greater message urgency as the body language and tone of voice accompanies your message.

The in person or face to face communication also allows all participants to add their opinions and feedback, leading to more intensive and effective discussions, and better chances that everyone settles and agrees on the same ground.

Written Communication

Written communication, like sending emails, text messages, letters, documents, newsletters, reports, and spreadsheets, is another effective communication method. However, it lies more on the leaner communication side as the sender must accentuate their message with enough interpretation and context that the receivers can understand it easily. The receivers on the other hand, may ask for clarification if the message is not clear enough to them.

Short and urgent messages are not the suitable to send through written communication channels, as they might get lost and filtered in other messages.

Large messages are the best option for written communication channels, as they allow the receiver to take their time absorbing the lot of information and then craft their response adequately.

Electronic Communications

Communication via social media platforms is effective for marketing or advertisement. By this electronic communication channel, a large number of people are exposed to the idea or message instantaneously. This media of communication is effective in announcing new releases or product recalls. However, this type of communication is risky as the widespread message transmission should be closely monitored in case any inappropriate or private information of the company is disposed.

Dionne Van Zyl Explains Which Communication Channel Is Most Effective

According to Dionne Van Zyl, the most effective communication channel should be determined according to the specificity of the message. Any channels which effectively delivers the message so that it is clearly understood by the target receiver is suitable for a specific message.

Dionne Van Zyl’s Final Words

Dionne Van Zyl believes that every communication channel, whether face to face, written, or electronic channel must have both parties in agreement. So that the meeting can result in agreement and healthy discussion without the need for future schedules or further meetings.