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The Dionne Van Zyl Grant

About the Dionne Van Zyl Grant

Dr. Van Zyl successfully established Exchange America (a financial services technology business) in the USA. Exchange America was a joint venture between Dexus Technologies, Inc., DST Systems, Inc, and Financial Holding Corporation, Inc.(the largest privately held insurance group in the USA). DST is a publicly traded company with 11,000 employees providing record keeping for the mutual fund industry. FHC is a privately held company with over $4.6 billion in assets. He was appointed CEO of the joint venture in January 2001 with 85 employees and an 11-member executive management team. Exchange America was one of the first private companies to sign a contract with wall street’s DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation), which processes 90% of all financial transactions in America ($63 trillion) for 3500 banks and insurance companies. His company built a large data center and provided internet-based new business processing for banks and insurance companies. Their clients included 8 of the 10 largest insurance companies, including Aegon, The Hartford, Pacific Life, American Express, and Scandi

Dionne Van Zyl Grant


1. Eligibility

Application Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2022

Award Announcement Date: December 1st, 2022

Award Total: $1000.00

Results will be posted on

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3. Essay Question for Dionne Van Zyl Grant

What is the biggest accomplishment of your life? Explain what made it successful and what you learned from it that you could apply for the rest of your life.

Deadline & Announcement

Applications must be submitted on or before November 15th, 2022

The awardee will be notified via email on December 1st, 2022

Awardee will have his/her name  posted on

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