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Parenting Through Pain - Dionne Van Zyl Tips for Adults

Parenting Through Pain – Dionne Van Zyl Tips for Adults

Sometimes, parenting feels like a thankless task when no one can understand the pain you’re going through. Day in and day out, parents cook, clean, shop, and do all kinds of chores to ensure the house is a haven for the family. What do they get in return? Most are met with indifference or do not receive enough recognition. For example, everyone retreats to their room after a family dinner instead helping out with clean up. If you are a parent with chronic pain, explaining your condition to children can be challenging when they are young. According to Dionne Van Zyl, children today have enough sense that they want to learn how to help their parents relax. Parents should make their children understand that when they are in pain, they should be treated with care. For example, your 12-year-old might have felt angry that you were not as active as other parents or able to participate in certain hobbies. Instead of asking about your pain, they sulked in the corner, not talking to you. Making your young ones understand what you are going through can be a little challenging. Here are some tips that will help you teach your children how to tap into their caring instincts: 4 Tips by Dionne Van Zyl for Parents in Pain Tell Them About Your Pain Most parents suffer… Read More »Parenting Through Pain – Dionne Van Zyl Tips for Adults